The Collection

Olive Spirits

Because the art of distillation for Manguin is finding the best aromas of a terroir fruit to reveal its quintessence,
it was only natural to distill olives, emblematic fruit of our beautiful Provence.
That is how the collection "Olive Spirits" was born.

Gin Olive

Oli ' Gin

Manguin captured the quintessence of the olive to create this Gin: distillation in copper pot stills, progressive reductions, rest in the production area with contrated temperatures.

Dominant feature of juniper and olive
Salty and iodic tones: notes of oyster and seaweed
Touch of violet and truffle

Distilled Olive

Oli ' Still

Slow maceration of sorts of olives cultivated in Provence.
Distillation in pot still and selection of finest alcohols.
Oli’Still enhances your cocktails and inspires both your sweet and salty recipes.
Nose of truffle, finess of black olive in taste.

``Cœur de Chauffe`` Selection

Distilled Olive

Maceration of many months made with olives cultivated in Haute-Provence (species Aglandau, Picholine and Frantoio).

Distilled in pot still and selection of the fineste alcohols. Inspires and enhances your salty, sweet and cocktails recipes.

A selection that keeps the most powerful and aromatic of present alcohols when distilling.

Distilled olive-based aperitif


This aperitif is a creation with a subtle perfume of olives cultivated in Haute-Provence and distilled in a copper still.
Best served cold on the rocks, with a toothpicked green olive and some lemon zest.
In long drink with tonic and a slice of lemon.