Creator of distilled olive since 2014

The Manguin Distillery

Between the Palace of the Popes and the Philippe Le Bel Tower of Villeneuve-Lez-Avignon, linked in the 14th century by the famous Avignon Bridge with its 21 arches, lies the Barthelasse, the widest european fluvial island, with sand and silt swept by the mistral, favourable to the culture of exceptionnal fruits, filled with provence’s sun.

There, in the fourties, Claude Manguin, a talented agronomist, plants and cultivates tens of hectares of pear and peach trees and supplies the finest greengroceries including Fauchon.

In 1957, the pot still start to distill fruits and “La Poire Manguin” (the manguin pear) becomes the jewel eau de vie of the house, present on the best tables in France and elsewhere.

Since 2011, Béatrice and Emmanuel Hanquiez, new owners, animated by the passion of quintessence, carry on the expertise of the house and create excellent spirits.

In the Heart of Provence

Distilled Olive

For Manguin, the art of distillation is first of all the research of the quintessence of local fruits. It was only natural to exploit the Olive, representative fruit of our beautiful Provence, with varieties and oil quality serving as a reference.

Our 60 years of experience in distillation and our nose helped us select many varieties of olives from our Provence’s terroir and develop a unique distillation process using pot stills.

The collection of our Olive Spirits are made of Oli’Gin with Olive, Oli’Still, a pure distillate of Olives, found also in “Core Distillation Process” version, a concentrate of Olive. There is also Elayos, a olive-based aperitif.

The kitchen or pastry chefs can express their creativity by enhancing the olive’s taste in their recipes and develop previously unseen pairings: a universe of iodic tastes marrying with sea shells, fish and crustaceans but also with cheese and desserts.

With Oli’Still and Oli’Gin, the barmen naturally restyle dry and dirty martinis but consider also these alcohols as “primary colors”, helping them create new cocktail recipes.

The eau-de-vie amateurs of fruits and gin will make a new taste experience: never tasted!

The Collection

Olive Spirits



Pure light of juniper enhanced by the intensity of the Olive. Hint of pineapple and violet, notes of truffle and fennel.



Distilled in pot still using a method elaborated by House Manguin.



A selection that keeps the most powerful and aromatic part of present alcohols during the distillation process.



A unique aperitif with subtle notes of distilled olives enhanced by gin and lime with and acidic touch.


Our Cocktails